Francesco Perri (b. 1972) is an italian composer, orchestrator and conductor.
After finishing classic studies at age 16, he graduated in composition, Orchestration, Piano and Orchestra conducting and, with majors, in D.A.M.S. (musicology and arts) and Philosophy.
Francesco Perri is a music journalist and music critic. He has written for many publications and magazines. He contributes editorials for cultural magazines and has been on daily radio since 1997. Also in 1997 he received a scholarship with the School of music and Philosophy from Neaples.
From 2001 – 2004 he was Director of the Istitute of Music P.I. Tchaikovsky in the province Catanzaro, Italy. In addition, he is intensely involved in an experimental electronic music program at D.A.M.S. of the Calabria University and University of Wisconsin, Usa, particularly concerning the field of “music generative and musical automatism”.
He is professor of Theory of Music at Conservatorio “Stanislao Giacomantonio” Cosenza, Italy  and since November 2020 he has been elected Director.
Perri is the author of numerous essays on musical symptomatology and esthetics on theatre of Francesco Pennisi e Giacomo Manzoni, Movie Scores of the Old Millenium, from Bach to Hollywood with the Synthesizer Moog (2003);
As music researcher, he is afounding member in 2002 of the Ernesto Sabato Foundation –Latin American Study Academy with whom he is developing a study , unique for Southern Italy, to restore the cultural value of the Tango (His publication Tango and Emigration 2007 and he recorded a Cd for Sony dedicated to Tango (in witch he’s conductor, pianist and the orchestrator).
As orchestra conductor, M° Perri, has performed concerts in Italy and in France, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, USA and Argentina.
He has specialized in the aspect of composition and instrumentation in the symphonic German repertoire from 1800-1900 (Beethoven, Mahler, Schoenberg, Berg) in the Russian Symphony (Prokofiev and Shostakovich) and in particular, Wagner’s repertoire and the Italian Romanticism.
Film music composer and production company Francesco Perri original music film has composed and directed music and sound design to commercial multimedia. Specialising in composing music and sound design for the moving image Francesco Perri creates original music for Film, Tv, Corporate video, Commercials, Games, Dance, Theatre and Podcasts.
He has composed over 30 score for cinema and 20 for music theatre available on major world digital store. In 2012 he has founded the label FileinSonus, a label devoted to the music for films, Audiovisual and digital media, Soundesign, Soundscape, VAO (Virtual Acustic Orchestra). He cooperates, always as composer, with Officine della Comunicazione di Bergamo, Vatican Media, CTV, Tv 2000 and RAI. 

Artistic Director

-Scientific committee member of LAB Intelligence Soundscape Unical (from 2019)
-Music Director Ass. Polimnia, from 2019 (Cosenza)
-Artistic Director Rotary Club Serre Cosentine dal 2018 ad oggi
-Accademic commitee member Music Conservatory of Cosenza (from 2016 to 2022)
-Artistic Director “Vissi d’arte “– Teatro Comunale di Cassano (2013-2014)
-Artistic Director of the Nuova Santelli (from 2012 to 2014)
-Vice President of the Art Foundation “Francesco Terrone” Salerno (from 2012 to 2015)
-Artistic Director of the Biennale d’arte del bambino di Treviso (from 2010 to 2016)
-Artistic Director of the Giornate Rendaniane (from 2007 to 2009)
-Artistic Director of the Provincia Tango Festival Cosenza (2007)
-Music Director and Conductor Orchestra SerrEnsemble (from 2000 to 2009)

Other artistic activities

-Member’s Yury of “La Musica del Silenzio”, International Composition Competition for piano solo, (2020)
-Founding member Rotary Club “Serre Cosentine” (2018)
-Founding FileinSonus Music Production (2012)
-Founding member Accademy of the “Pignatari” (2007)
-Honorary member “Alfonso Rendano” Association (2006)
-Honorary member “Cypraea Association” (Na 2004)
-Founding member Accademy of the “Inculti” (2004)
-Founding member Foundation “Ernesto Sabato – Accademia di Studi Latino americani” (2003)
-Corresponding member of the Accademy Cosentina (2002)


Music Film Competition

• Special Awards, International of Cinematografy “Robert Woods”,(2021)
• Winter Film Awards, Best Soundtrack, New York (2018)
• Competition to the David di Donatello, Best Soundtrack and best Original Sondwrite (2017)
• Festival Cinema Indipendente di Massa Carrara, (2010)
• Mendicino Corto, (2010)
• Massimo Troisi – Best Composition, Napoli, (2009)
• Quadra Film Fest, Best Soundtrack, Paola (2009)
• Annecy Cinéma Italien (Annecy, Francia 2010)
• Pubblic Prize “Fatevi i corti vostri” III° ed. Matera, (2009)
• Special Jury Prize Festival di Nettuno, Roma (2009);
• National Award CAREAS – Festival di Bergamo (2009)
• Special Award Location Piacenza, (2008)
• Cervelli in Tempesta, Firenze, (2008)
• 3°E-content award, Roma, (2008)

Music Literature

• 56° Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno (2003)
• Award Literature Valentini, Cosenza (2002)
• Sallentum Apulia Best Symphonic Orchestra (Lecce) 2001

Other Awards

• Carrer Prize Gran Galà della Cultura (Rende, 2019)
•Special mention “Sabatum Quartet Opera Symphony” (Cosenza, 2019)
• Special mention Rotary Club per il The Youth Day 2019
• Special mention Gran Gala Federico II (Cosenza, 2018)
• Honorary President Pro-loco Unpli (Dipignano, 2018)
• Special Prize “Borrello Una vita per la Musica” (Laureana di Borello – RC, 2017)
• Special mention “Galà San Francesco di Paola” (2016)
• Special Prize “Stelle di Calabria” (Aprigliano, 2016)
• Special mention “Nuova Officina” (Sarno, 2015)
• Music Prize of Culture Commission of Cosenza (2014)
• PMI for Music (Nola, 2011)
• Andromeda for Music (Mercato San Severino, 2019)
• AGID for Music 2011
• CUIA (Universitary Center Italo – argentino) about “Tango in Italia”, (Buenos Aires, 2010)
• Calabria for the music – (Cs, 2009)
• Prize San Francesco Saverio per la Musica (Cs, 2009)
• Special mention of Giury Le note ritrovate (Avellino 2009 e 2010)
• Special mention for conducting EurOrchestra “Verzari” Centro Campano di Cultura Francavilla (Salerno, 2009)
• Special mention “Associazione Orfeo Stillo”, (Paola, 2008 e 2009)
• Special prize Giornate Rendaniane, (Carolei, 2007)
• Special mention to book ” la Leggenda di Canio”, (Spezzano della Sila, 2002)
• Special mention from Ass. Cosenza che Vive per (Festa delle acque, 2002)